IT Services

Whether you are considering moving one desktop or a series of server units, Changing Environments can assist.

The amount of computer relocation support we provide can be as extensive and as flexible as you wish. Your own IT department may prefer to handle the preparation and technical aspects of your move in which case we can provide porters to carry out the physical relocation.

Alternatively, we can arrange for our systems operatives to provide additional assistance, ensuring your systems and equipment are correctly decommissioned, leaving your staff free to focus on the move itself.

With IT moves, check sheets are used to ensure identical layout at the users new location. Individual parts are disconnected, labeled, protected with anti-static bubble wrap and packaged, ready for transportation in specialist IT crates and roll cages providing maximum protection for delicate equipment.

During the final stages of your move our team can re-commission and test for network connectivity, ensuring your workplace is set-up and ready for the next working day.

New Installation

If you are upgrading to new equipment, Changing Environments can assist with offloading, unpacking and setting up of your systems. Packaging will be removed and recycled.