As an ISO 14001 accredited company, Changing Environments understand and meet our duty of care and responsibility for the environment.

We place the highest priority on environmental affairs in all aspects of our operations and the wide range of services we offer. We are very conscious of the environmental sensitivity of the business sector in which we operate, and are continually looking to develop the company's environmental compliance.

All company operations are carried out with due regard to the relevant and appropriate legislation and regulatory conditions. The Environmental policy is one of continual change and is therefore subject to frequent review and development. We regularly update our procedures and comply with any new directives issued by the relevant authorities.

Ethical disposal of waste

Changing Environments are Registered Waste carriers. As such we take all necessary measures to ensure that any collection, transportation, reclamation, storage, recycling and disposal of waste does not become hazardous in any way to the environment or public health.

All transportation and disposal of waste is covered by the appropriate documentation as specified by The Environmental Protection Act 1990 in the form of Waste Transfer Notes, waste descriptions and record keeping.

A safe method of work will be drawn up for all waste removal operations. Waste will be separated on site into recycling and non-recyclable waste. This will then be disposed of at the appropriate waste transfer station, with the relevant disposal certificates produced for your records.