IT Solutions

Through a local partner, Charterhouse Muller, Changing Environments can offer Data-Destruction, I.T Recycling and WEEE Waste collections, please see below for more information.

With the need for protection against data-theft being a major concern along with end-of-life assets losing value, we would like the opportunity to offer you a complete solution for your confidential Data-Destruction, I.T Recycling and WEEE Waste collections. For the last 20 years experience Charterhouse Muller have serviced some of the UK's leading organisations including Local Councils, Retail /Investment Banks, Utilities and Telecoms Manufacturer’s, all of which have managed to release unlocked revenue from their redundant assets whilst feeling assured that their sensitive confidential data has been destroyed to Infosec/CESG approved standards.

How are we different? Here are some of the key points that our customers have stated make us stand out from the crowd:-

Trusted Advisors on "off-net" security
With the legislation about data-destruction being "unclear", we offer free advice on how senior I.T managers can avoid inadvertently breaching the data-protection act, which can result in unlimited fines from the Information Commissioner’s Office, when selecting or reviewing a data-destruction agent.

Revenue Share
We also have a revenue share scheme where organisations receive up to 60% of the Net profit on any items that are refurbished and introduced the UK market with stipulations on equipment final destination agreed by all parties. We have helped some of our clients raise in excess of £500,000 over 2 years from end-of-life asset remarketing resulting in destruction & disposal costs reaching a "cost-neutral" or "cost-positive" status.

Real-Time tracking of data-destruction/ disposal process
In order for organisations to adhere to the 7th principal of the data protection act , Charterhouse Muller offer a client log-in to their unique ID portal giving access to each stage of the data destruction process. This provides proof to the Information Commissioners Office that the data controller has taken reasonable steps to ensure any confidential data destruction service is 100% secure and any subsequent security breach is not the liability of the data-controller.

Additional I.T Services
Charterhouse Muller customers have utilised our high-volume processing center and logistics to provide storage, imaging and "distribution to desktop" services when performing major I.T deployment projects. The advantage being significant savings when buying in large quantities and using our technicians as a "virtual roll-out team" which maximises the efficiency of your own I.T department on more complex issues.